[Freeswitch-dev] Freeswitch Dialer using SIPml5

sami sakly it.samisakly at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 01:06:55 MSD 2014

As it appears from the thread title I'm new to Freeswitch and Voip
solution. So please excuse my ignorance if I didn't get you from the first
time. I'm building a Dialer as solution for small compaign based on
freeswitch. The main idea is that when agent are present : I'm not sure
they call fs server or it calls them and starting dialing customers from a
database and whenever a client pick up the phone : it's automatically
bridged to one of the free agent (already parked and waiting).

What I have now ? :

*Freeswitch & webrtc2sip working on my server.

*SIPml5 Client issuing calls and working

I tried also to write some php script to run from a client host , that
calls 2 sip client and do the bridging.

What I want to do now ? : I'm looking for a way to apply my business model
automatically :

1- Calling agent and parking

2- Dialling customers and whenever it's picked up bridge to a free agent

My questions :

will it be possible to do this with only dialplans or I need to have some
external script ?

Where exactly I can use fs events ? I will need them on the php app to
create control on dialling client parameters and for bridging.

That seems a lot but I hope I will not be disappointed =)

Thank you,
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