[Freeswitch-dev] About the voice response, when the user can't find

sparklezou sparklezou at 163.com
Tue Sep 24 11:01:56 MSD 2013

Hi develop team,

When the sip user account is NOT create in Freeswtich, and the number is in  the dial plan, freeswitch will respone "Goodbye", NO more info.

Suggest to response, "NO such user, Goodbye".

2013-09-24 11:19:22.163081 [NOTICE] mod_loopback.c:945 Pre-Answer loopback/voicemail-a!
2013-09-24 11:19:22.163081 [NOTICE] mod_dptools.c:1253 Pre-Answer loopback/voicemail-b!
2013-09-24 11:19:22.163081 [WARNING] mod_voicemail.c:3452 Can't find user [3666 at]



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