[Freeswitch-dev] FreeSWITCH Weekly News and Notes

Michael Collins marketing at cluecon.com
Mon Jul 1 22:26:37 MSD 2013

Welcome to July!

We've had lot's of great
 lately with FreeSWITCH and now there's even more. Our friends at Yealink
have reported on a very large VoIP installation in Spain that utilizes
Yealink phones and FreeSWITCH servers. The complete writeup can be found
here <http://www.yealink.com/News_info.aspx?NewsId=330&CateId=306>. We look
forward to reporting on more success stories in the future.

With the recent announcement <http://freeswitch.org/node/455> about
FreeSWITCH 1.4 beta and WebRTC support there has been a lot of interest in
just how to make this all work. On this week's conference
 we will be taking a closer look at the code and showing you how to setup
both sides of a WebRTC connection with FreeSWITCH. Please join usthis
Wednesday at 1PM Eastern, 10AM Pacific for this interesting discussion.

We also had an interesting discussion on last week's conference
Lorenzo Magani and Alexandr Dubovikov from the HOMER<http://www.sipcapture.org/>
 project gave us a tour of their new version 3.5 release. The HOMER SIP
capture system is an excellent - and free - tool that can be put into
production with any FreeSWITCH server. HOMER is an invaluable tool used for
SIP diagnostics and troubleshooting and we highly recommend it for anyone
using FreeSWITCH and SIP in a production environment.

Have a great week and we'll talk to you on Wednesday.

Michael S Collins
ClueCon Team
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