[Freeswitch-dev] Change Voicemail IVR Menu

Muhammad Shahzad shaheryarkh at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 04:55:22 MSK 2013


I am trying to change menu order of FS voicemail module. I am using
voicemail_ivr with xml_curl, when a voicemail user checks voicemail, i
check if user has his own greeting set, then play normal voicemail menu,
otherwise instead of playing message count and related options, i simply
want to play voicemail preferences menu, in fact only voicemail record
greeting menu. I have tried many different possibilities including many
changes to voicemail_ivr.xml  and voicemail_ivr.conf.xml but so far none
worked. FS Wiki on voicemail_ivr module seems outdated. Till now i am only
able to play standard voicemail menu through voicemail_ivr module.

Do I have to modify native code of these modules (mod_voicemail and
mod_voicemail_ivr) to achieve the goal? Any suggestions / guidelines?

P.S. Note that sample files (voicemail_ivr.conf.xml and voicemail_ivr.xml)
do not work as is, i had to modify many typos and tag attributes to get it
working same as standard mod_voicemail works. I will update wiki once this
problem is solved.

Thank you.

Muhammad Shahzad
CISCO Rich Media Communication Specialist (CRMCS)
CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
Cell: +49 176 99 83 10 85
MSN: shari_786pk at hotmail.com
Email: shaheryarkh at googlemail.com
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