[Freeswitch-dev] Thanks to all those that make ClueCon Possible!!

Ken Rice krice at freeswitch.org
Tue Aug 27 03:47:38 MSD 2013

ClueCon 2013 was a smashing success and you had everything to do with it! We
were very glad to have you with us this year and we hope you enjoyed it
every bit as much as we did.

The ClueCon team is currently working on getting all of the videos and
presentation slides put up on the ClueCon website. More information will be
sent out soon. In the meantime be sure to join us each Wednesday at 1PM
Eastern time for the ClueCon Weekly conference call.

What about ClueCon 2014? It's already in the works! 2014 marks the 10th
anniversary of ClueCon - a milestone you'll not want to miss. We will be
putting out a call for speakers as well as getting our sponsors arranged in
the next few months.  Stay tuned for more information.

If you missed Michael Giagnocavo's ClueCon 2013 presentation, "Easy
Real-Time CDR Reporting with VoltDB," check it out here
<http://goo.gl/EywbDm> . And then grab a free trial of VoltDB
<http://go.voltdb.com/voltdb-enterprise-software-download>  ­ the database
that helps Michael manage high-volume CDRs.

The ClueCon team would like to thank the following sponsors:

Nenad, Moises, and all the good people at Sangoma <http://www.sangoma.com> .
Sangoma has been with us since the very first ClueCon.

Sean, Jeff, and the folks at Flowroute <http://www.flowroute.com> .

Arnie and the gang at NACT <http://www.nact.com> .

Kashif and the team over at Vestec <http://www.vestec.com> .

Norm and the VoiceNetwork <http://www.voicenetwork.ca>  team.

Venky and the good folks at Plivo <http://www.plivo.com> .

The whole OrecX <http://www.orecx.com>  team.

John, Nicole and the rest of the gang at OnSIP <http://www.onsip.com> .

Darren and all the techies at 2600hz <http://www.2600hz.com> .

John, Dave, and all the rest of the Truphone <http://www.truphone.com>

Kevin and the team at Ooma <http://www.ooma.com> .

Tommy and the folks at Snom <http://www.snom.com> .

The tokbox <http://www.tokbox.com>  team.

The NG Communications <http://www.ngcommunications.com>  team.

We hope to see you all again in 2014!

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