[Freeswitch-dev] Jira and the PasteBin... [Please READ ME]

Ken Rice krice at freeswitch.org
Wed Apr 24 03:56:44 MSD 2013

Hey Guys,

Please keep the following things in mind.

Bugs should be reported via Jira. Yes its ok to ask on the mailing list to
see if it you are just doing something wrong, but please open a bug on Jira
if its a bug.
A segfault is always a bug. (Even if you are doing it wrong, FreeSWITCH
should not segfault)

The Pastebin is a useful tool for sharing information between people, but
please do not reference pastebin URLs in Jira Tickets. Pastebin entries are
not guaranteed to survive for any period of time, and they can and will
disappear at some point. This means of you open a ticket and you put a
backtrace in the pastebin, if the pastebin is cleared so is your backtrace.
(if you use the fscore_pb script to help collect the data, there is a
download link right on the pastebin that will let you download a .txt file
for that entry which you can then attach to the ticket )

Please Attach to jira ticket all backtraces, sip traces and logs as plain
text files ( .txt files )

Also, please do not paste the results into the notes or the description of
the issue. This just means we have to scroll down 97 screens of stuff to get
the last notes on a ticket.

These simple things will help out the developers and help make the bugs go
away faster!


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