[Freeswitch-dev] Conference Outcall Member Flags

Anthony Novatsis anthonynovatsis at gmail.com
Mon May 7 09:33:08 MSD 2012

Dear All,

Using FreeSwitch I require functionality similar to conference outcall
except that I would like to invite users to the conference with different
member flags (with conference outcall all users must have the same flags).
 In order to achieve this, I have written a Python script using mod_python
(the script itself is similar in form to

Using the script, I observe the following scenario:

1. A calls conference
2. B and C are invited to conference
3. B answers and joins conference (C is still ringing)
4. B ends call (and the conference is torn down because the user has the
endconf flag)
5. C continues ringing (and if answered the conference will be created
again with C being the only participant)

Firstly, is the above behaviour correct?  At step 5, I expect (and would
like) C to stop ringing given that the conference to which he was invited
to has been torn down (which is the behaviour observed with conference

Secondly, if the above behaviour is indeed correct, is there anything that
I can do in the script to achieve the desired behaviour?  For conference
outcall, I have noticed in the FreeSwitch source code (mod_conference.c) a
flag is used (CFLAG_OUTCALL) which ends the pending outcalls when the
conference ends. However, this flag is only used internally.

Thank you in advance for any help.

Best regards,
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