[Freeswitch-dev] New proof-of-concept module (mod_pickupgroup)

João Mesquita jmesquita at freeswitch.org
Sat May 5 00:08:00 MSD 2012

Hello folks,  

I've been working lately with pickup groups and I found some situations where the way the intercept application is presented along with the hash application on the default configs will not suffice the expected behavior on a PBX environment. Of course there are many solutions to this problem and I bet that there are even possible solutions without coding and just dial plan tricks.

Nonetheless, a beginner could probably overlook some of those situations and this is the reason why I have started this module.

The first problem I am trying to solve is that hash will only hold 1 UUID per group. If you have 2 consecutive calls and want to pick both up, you won't be able to. Simple way to test it.

A calls B and leaves B ringing.
C calls D and leaves D ringing.
E intercepts (in which case it will intercept C).
F intercepts same group. Expected behavior is to intercept A, but hash has forgotten about A and therefore you will get reorder tone.

By "borrowing" (nicer than stealing) the idea from `eavesdrop all`, I have created mod_pickupgroup as a proof of concept and I would like the community not only to test the module but also to provide input as far as the code is concerned (I am not that proficient with C) and as far as functionality is concerned.

The code is currently hosted on Github with the intent to move it somewhere more definitive if the module ends up being useful.

The link is here: http://github.com/jmesquita/mod_pickupgroup

To compile it, you need to adjust the BASE variable inside the Makefile by pointing it to your latest FreeSWITCH™ source.

João Mesquita
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