[Freeswitch-dev] Call For Community Assistance

Michael Collins msc at freeswitch.org
Tue Feb 21 22:52:05 MSK 2012

Hello all!

As you may have noticed, I've been rather absent from the IRC channel and
mailing lists for the past week or so. Like others on the FreeSWITCH and
CudaTel team I have learned first hand just how valuable Brian is and how
much work he produces. We are all trying to pitch in and lighten the load.
To that end I wanted to say thank you to Ken Rice, Jeff Lenk, Avi Marcus,
and all the rest of the community members who have been stepping up to help
out on IRC and the mailing list.

We definitely can use more help in this regard. I'd like to ask everyone
subscribed to this mailing list to review the recent threads and look for
questions which you can answer quickly and then do so. If there are any
subjects that you cannot answer right away but could research, I'd ask that
you send a reply to the thread indicating your willingness to do some
research on the subject at hand. If everyone can do just a little bit then
we'll get a lot accomplished.

One other thing you can help with: testing the new sounds batch. I've
rolled sounds version 1.0.18 and put it up on files.freeswitch.org. I've
run it on several of my test machines and now I'd like to have a lot of
others do so as well. Just be sure to do this on a test machine before
trying it on a production machine. :D

Edit fs_src/build/sounds_version.txt and set the en-callie version to
Save the file, then issue "make cd-sounds-install"
It should download the latest sound tarballs

Once the downloads are done do some basic testing like calling in to a
conference, sending and retrieving voicemails, etc. Let me know if you run
into any issues.

Thanks again for all your help!
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