[Freeswitch-dev] radius_cdr

Miha Zoubek miha at softnet.si
Thu Feb 16 12:36:25 MSK 2012


just one information about radius_cdr modul.

For A leg it sends stop&start packet and also same for B leg.
I have also one another softswitch that behaviour is just like on FS 
(stop&start for A and B leg).
The difference that I have noticed is that FS for A leg sends different 
session ID that for B leg. So, this mean that I will have two entries in 
my sql table for one call.
Other softswith send same session ID for a and b leg, so this mean one 
entry in sql table for one call.

So, what is right? Is it possible to change this behaviour on FS?


Best regards / Lep Pozdrav
Miha Zoubek
Softnet d.o.o.

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