[Freeswitch-dev] switch_ivr_bridge.c question

Darren C. ustcorporation at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 2 13:22:55 MSK 2012

OS is Centos 5.7.  Most recent GIT has same code.
In switch_ivr_bridge.c on line 1474, we have the following lines of code:
                     switch_channel_clear_state_handler(originator_channel, NULL);
                     switch_channel_clear_state_handler(originatee_channel, NULL);
                     switch_channel_set_state_flag(originator_channel, CF_BRIDGE_ORIGINATOR);
                     switch_channel_clear_flag_recursive(originatee_channel, CF_BRIDGE_ORIGINATOR);
                     switch_channel_add_state_handler(originator_channel, &uuid_bridge_state_handlers);
                     switch_channel_add_state_handler(originatee_channel, &uuid_bridge_state_handlers);
Is the call to “switch_channel_set_state_flag” a typo? Since it  triggers an asynchronous flag change on the channel thread, and at least in the scenario when the asynchronous change immediately after the next “switch_channel_clear_flag_recursive”, the clearing of the flag will not do anything.
Thanks in advance.
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