[Freeswitch-dev] Level3 and 25s failover

Tom Parrott tomp at tomp.co.uk
Sat Aug 11 18:02:03 MSD 2012


The company I work for get toll-free numbers from Level3 via 
Bandwidth.com which are terminated on several Freeswitch servers using 
DNS SRV records.

Annoyingly Level3 have a 'feature' where they will failover a call to a 
different server if the call is not answered in 25 seconds.

In the UK, the provider we use has a similar failover setting, but as 
soon as early media is sent the fail-over mechanism is stopped and you 
can ring for as long as you need to.

I have been told by Level3 that it is a known issue, but not something 
they can/will change, and that calls should be answered within 25 seconds.

I tend to agree, however I forward calls to our customer's PSTN numbers, 
and they do not always answer within that time.

This causes duplicate call records when the call fails over. For a call 
analytics company, this causes serious problems in statistics.

Does anyone have any experience with Level3 and this strange behaviour?


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