[Freeswitch-dev] questions on the new mod_sms

Seven Du dujinfang at gmail.com
Sat Sep 24 06:13:22 MSD 2011

Fatastic! I cannot help to try the new mod_sms, and here's some quick questions for developers and I'm seeing what can I help with testing/coding etc. to speed this up.

1) I see no event when I use the chat app "fire" with /event all in fs_cli, is there a problem or unfinished code?

2) Also I see nothing when I use the "send" app, I guess a catch all chatplan with <action application="send" data=""/> would have the same effect as before(when no mod_sms). I tried with 

a. unload mod_sms, two US send text messages to each other without problem
b. load mod_sms, I see this log but nothing happened

2011-09-24 10:03:48.921888 [INFO] mod_sms.c:299 Processing text message 1004->1001 in context default
Chatplan: 1001 parsing [default->demo] continue=false
Chatplan: 1001 at Regex (PASS) [demo] to(1001 at =~ /^(.*)$/ break=on-false
Chatplan: 1001 at Action send() 

2) How to get variables in lua? will there be an event object like session in dialplan based ?

3) also I see the chat api also hit the chatplan, is that supposed to?

Sorry for so many questions, thanks.

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