[Freeswitch-dev] Building FS on Windows7/64

Peter Olsson peter.olsson at visionutveckling.se
Tue Oct 25 00:01:27 MSD 2011

Thanks for the update. Issue #2 is resolved in latest git. For the other one, please file a Jira, so it can be fixed properly.

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Skickat: den 24 oktober 2011 12:30
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Ämne: [Freeswitch-dev] Building FS on Windows7/64

Ok, after digging once more into the problem I decided to use a Windows 7/32 machine.
The built worked effortless!! A very nice run.

Back to a Windows 7/64, I'm still having troubles.
Some of the issue seems related to gawk while building libsofia_sip
And it seems that once the issue occurs, you're stuck with the built....

In any case please note the following remarks:

1) if you uses Windows sdk 7.1

edit fake-rfc2533.h and comment out :

#ifdef nodef // *****add this

struct addrinfo {
int    ai_flags;    /* AI_PASSIVE, AI_CANONNAME */
int    ai_family;    /* PF_xxx */
int    ai_socktype;    /* SOCK_xxx */
int    ai_protocol;    /* 0 or IPPROTO_xxx for IPv4 and IPv6 */
size_t    ai_addrlen;    /* length of ai_addr */
char    *ai_canonname;    /* canonical name for hostname */
struct sockaddr *ai_addr;    /* binary address */
struct addrinfo *ai_next;    /* next structure in linked list */

#endif      // *****add this

2) in sofia_presence.c
   if (mod_sofia_globals.debug_presence > 1) {
       int i;                    // to be added
       for (i = 0; i < argc; i++) {

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