[Freeswitch-dev] building on windows 7/64 - follow up

marco blaisou blaisounou at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 18:41:58 MSD 2011

As a follow up of previous post, the issue is confirmed to be located at the
prebuilt phase of libsofia_sip_ua_static lib
ie at

*if not exist "$(ProjectDir)..\..\sofia-sip\win32\gawk.exe" cscript /nologo
"$(ProjectDir)..\util.vbs" Get
cd /D "$(ProjectDir)..\..\sofia-sip\win32\"
set AWK="$(ProjectDir)..\..\sofia-sip\win32\gawk.exe"

What seems to happen is that after gawk.exe is loaded, the prebuilt is
trying to go on while concurrently the anti-virus/protection is checking
the gawk.exe -> this creates a mess and concludes with a failure and then
missing headers and so on.

*What I've done is simply to preload gawk.exe in the target directory,
declared it as safe to the AV/Firewall and only then launch the VS built.*

So as a suggestion, loading gawk ahead (ie at thbeginning of the build)
could be a way

btw. The previous discussed recommendations (changes) related to SDK 7.1 are
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