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Michael Collins msc at freeswitch.org
Wed Nov 2 01:07:36 MSK 2011

Welcome to FreeSWITCH!

First off, let me just mention that this question is probably better suited
to our -users list. (This is the -dev list which has a smaller audience and
is reserved for more intense discussions.) If you don't get a satisfactory
answer here then re-post on freeswitch-users list.

Now, as far as your question goes... you have different options available
to you but it really depends on how you are generating your calls. Also, do
you want the call to last more than 30 seconds and have only the recording
be 30 seconds? Do you want recording to start on early media or on answer?

As an example of how to do a simple 30-second recording here's one that
when you call it, it will start recording, play music for 30 sec, then end
the recording and disconnect:

<extension name="record 30 sec of MOH">
  <condition field="destination_number" expression="^732664$">
    <action application="answer"/>
    <action application="record_session"
    <action application="sched_hangup" data="+30"/>
    <action application="playback" data="${hold_music}"/>

Dial 732664 (i.e. "REC MOH" :) and just wait. You'll hear music and then at
30 seconds it will stop recording.

Happy FreeSWITCHing!


On Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 1:27 PM, P. Broennimann <peter at enovatiq.com> wrote:

> Hi there
> I am new to FreeSwitch and I have a question...
> I'd like to record a call/session outputing same length .wav files (all
> .wav files to be exactly 30 seconds long).
> I browsed through the FreeSwitch sources from GIT and I found the module
> 'mod_snapshot'. Would this module be the best start/base for the
> functionality I am looking for resp. are there other modules/scripts that I
> should better check first?
> -> I tried to build the module in MSVC Express 2010 but I get errors ->
> Anyone was recently successful building it?
> Thx in advance,
> P.
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