[Freeswitch-dev] Urgent Feature Request - RTCP report blocks

jay binks jaybinks at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 11:55:23 MSD 2011

I NEED to get Freeswitch generating RTCP Report Blocks
( with all associated data - packet_loss, jitter etc )

Im happy to consider a bounty on this requirement as I
need this done as quickly as humanly possible.

in preference to only filling my request,
a complete RTCP implementation would be great however currently
I simply need RTCP packet generation with Packet Loss Jitter and RTT

we need this is to fulfill an interop test we are trying to get done, so as
you can imagine
time is of the essence.

please contact me if you wish to work on this, to be eligible for bounty
the code will need to be accepted into the FS Git tree and pass my testing.
( however I would like to test asap, even before inclusion in git )

I would like your guidance, as to what bounty you think this would require.
please contact me for bounty approval.
this email does not constitute acceptance of any bounty / work.


Jay Binks
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