[Freeswitch-dev] Associating a Dialplan with a Session

Kurtis Heimerl kheimerl at cs.berkeley.edu
Tue Jul 19 05:03:09 MSD 2011

Oh I feel sheepish. Writing this email has resolved the issue for me:

the dialplan field is the MODULE type (e.g., "XML")

while context is the actual file to be loaded (e.g., "default")

It's now routing and I hope google picks this message up and steers
confused folks like myself away from future public mailing lists.

On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 5:39 PM, Kurtis Heimerl
<kheimerl at cs.berkeley.edu> wrote:
> Hello FS-Dev!
> I'm trying to figure out how to get associate a dialplan with a newly
> created Session. I create the new session when I receive an chat
> message. Here's the current state of the code:
> http://pastebin.freeswitch.org/16844
> There are (undoubtedly) many things wrong with this code...  but I'm
> focused on getting it to route the SMS through the dialplan right now.
> It fails in the following way:
> ...
> 2011-07-18 15:05:49.315430 [DEBUG] mod_smqueue.c:39 laaa CHANNEL ROUTING
> 2011-07-18 15:05:49.315430 [DEBUG] switch_core_state_machine.c:77 laaa
> Standard ROUTING
> 2011-07-18 15:05:49.315430 [INFO] switch_core_state_machine.c:142 No
> Route, Aborting
> 2011-07-18 15:05:49.315430 [DEBUG] switch_channel.c:2641 (laaa)
> Callstate Change RINGING -> HANGUP
> 2011-07-18 15:05:49.315430 [NOTICE] switch_core_state_machine.c:143
> 2011-07-18 15:05:49.315430 [DEBUG] switch_channel.c:2657 Send signal laaa [KILL]
> ...
> The "No Route, Aborting" debug message SEEMS to indicate either that
> the extension isn't found, or that the dialplan isn't found. I think
> I've confirmed it's the dialplan by passing NULL instead of
> "globals.dialplan" in my own code and getting the same result. This is
> also confirmed by the line:
> switch_log_printf(SWITCH_CHANNEL_LOG, SWITCH_LOG_CRIT, "KURTIS %p\n",
> (void*) switch_loadable_module_get_dialplan_interface("default"));
> printing "(nil)" instead of returning a valid pointer.
> I assume there must be some other naming mechanism for dialplans that
> I'm not using correctly. I pass "default" right now (as I saw in
> mod_dingaling.c) but that's not working.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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