[Freeswitch-dev] Removing SDP from 183/180

Artur Cichocki acichocki at supermedia.pl
Mon Jul 4 21:41:38 MSD 2011

W dniu 02.07.2011 13:16, Prashant Lamba pisze:
>      * Be certain that you have inbound-bypass-media turned off "
> And I want to have it turned on.
> If you need to not send 183, then you MUST have bypass_media enabled. I
> have tested it and it works. Just so you know, if FS is not doing media,
> that means its not sending 183, hence someone (other app) needs to do
> it. Hence bypass_media need to be true
That's not the point. Check my original mail please.

The patch is to deny media before real connection establishment with 
bypas_media on. And that functionality doesn't exist in current FS code.

Artur Cichocki

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