[Freeswitch-dev] session:setHanhupHook is launched with session:tranfer

Arturo Monroy amonroy at auronix.com
Wed Jan 12 21:45:03 MSK 2011


session:setHangupHook is execute when is executed "transfer" api, 
however the "session" is not hanging and session still live?

Should be considered a bug?

Shouldn't be lauched when session is terminate by CS_DESTROY EVENT?

I'm  using Lua, and using fifo too, after a several X seconds the 
current session is transfer-out to lua application, acording script's 
tree, the current session could come-back  or not again to FIFO, however 
the hangupHook API is executed each one the session:transfer is execute.

                         Arturo Monroy

                     (55) 5371-1100 Ext 189
                       ASR Arturo Lopez
                       Auronix de Mexico

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