[Freeswitch-dev] [Re] Implementing Forward-{All, Busy, NoAnswer}, ring policies and DND in FS

Marc Olivier Chouinard mochouinard at moctel.com
Wed Apr 20 16:08:47 MSD 2011

Hi Mathieu,

I think it a great idea... it something I was thinking to go look for 
that server side forward feature of SIP supported by Polycom.

Going to be hard to define something standard for all endpoint.  The 
basic forward all,no answer(number of ring), busy are fine to do, but 
the ring-on-idle and blink-on-idle... seem specific to skinny.  As far 
as I know, in sip you would send an alert with a silence ring tone.  So 
not sure how we would want to implement that one.

In case of SIP implementation, it probably a SIP XML msg we receive... 
So what do we do with it ? Generate a dummy call to the dialplan ?

Or should the different endpoint generate an standard event, and we make 
a new module that monitor those event and does populate whatever is 
needed ?    I'm trying to think long term also of other feature we might 
want to implement (SIP Conferencing monitoring support for example...)


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