[Freeswitch-dev] Proposal to add a Deprecated Log Level

Marc Olivier Chouinard mochouinard at moctel.com
Wed Apr 20 15:49:11 MSD 2011


I would like to propose adding a Deprecated Log Level to Freeswitch.

This would serve as a special warning to user that some feature 
shouldn't be used and might be removed in a more visible way.

Also I propose we use a number for every log we do. like DEPRECATED00001 
(or whatever), and create wiki entry related to it.  In the wiki, we 
would have to put the information the user need to change to use the 
current function.  Also we can specify a due date for removal of the 

We could also create a special macro that we can specify the unix time 
for the removal of the feature and make it display as critical error if 
the date is less than 1 month (or something).

This would help to cleanup the code in the long term without having the 
adverse affect of creating surprises to user.


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