[Freeswitch-dev] Google Voice incoming calls

Oleg Khovayko khovayko at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 17:29:17 PDT 2010


I fetch upgraded dingaling today, and rebuilt tree.
Bug "MODENDP-326" really has been fixed, FreeSWITCH does not crash anymore.
But, anyway, previous problem continues.

It looks in 2 ways (I believe, both problems have same source).

1. When call from GV to FreeSWITCH, call successfully come in,
but if FS-recepient picks up handset:
a) originator continue hears long beeps "calling", and in 30s activated 
GV answering machine
b) recepient hear nothing.

My file "jingle_profiles/client.xml" and accident log in here:


2. When I call from FS to PSTN by GV.
a) When recipient picks up handset, everything works OK, voice goes to 
both directions.
b) When recipient does not pick up handset, and originator drops call, 
then happening problem:
   Recepient's phone continue rings for ~1 minute, and stop calling, 
only  when (as I guess) answering machine is ON.

You see, both issues has similar problem - to GV does not sending 
"pickup" signal [1] or hangup [2].
As I assume, both signals aren't sending by RTP, there are signaling 
and ext-rtp-ip does not help...

Please, help to resolve these issues,



Brian West wrote:
> On Sep 5, 2010, at 9:36 AM, Oleg Khovayko wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I very excited with your new feature: support GV in the FreeSWITCH.
>> This is real and valuable asset, and I definitely plan to use it.
>> Yesterday, Sep 4, I fetch new FS tree by GIT, build and install.
>> Outgoing calls through GV works OK.
>> But, I faced 2 problems with incoming calls.
>> 1. When calls comes in, phone rings.
>> But, when I pick up handset on recipient's phone, I hear nothing.
>> In the caller's handset,I continue hear long beeps. And, thereafter,
>> in ~30s, GVs answering machine activated.
>> Looks like GV doesn't understand, when I pick up handset on recepient's
>> phone.
>> I tried couple times, with 2 phones: X-lite softphone and VM1188T SIP phone.
>> Result is same. Can you help me to resolve this problem? Log following.
> Sounds like you are behind nat and failed to set the ext-rtp-ip.
> Moving forward put logs in pastebin and post the link to them because email mangles them to be unreadable.
> /b
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