[Freeswitch-dev] Searching for a valid extension

Frode Isaksen frode.isaksen at bewan.com
Wed Oct 13 23:30:43 PDT 2010

Le 13 oct. 2010 à 21:48, freeswitch-dev-request at lists.freeswitch.org a écrit :

> There is no such function now in the core but we can work together to
> implement one. There was some though on this in
> http://jira.freeswitch.org/browse/FS-477. We need a way to be able to
> call 123 as well as 1234/

Hello all,

I have solved this by starting a timer for each digit pressed and matching with something like ^(\d+)T$ or ^(\d{4,10})T$ and appending a 'T' to the destination_number when the timer expires.


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