[Freeswitch-dev] Bridge dialplan to sipx IVR services problem

Joegen E. Baclor joegen at opensipstack.org
Wed Oct 20 19:54:27 PDT 2010

Hi Anthony sorry for being vague.  The call flow i am experimenting on 
looks like this

1.  UA1 ->  sipXproxy -> [FS (bridged-dial-plan)] -> [FS 
(auto-attendant-socket dial-plan)]
2.  [FS (auto-attendant-socket dial-plan]) sends REFER to [FS 
3.  B-Leg of [FS (bridged-dial-plan)] consumes REFER and sends INVITE 
to  Refer-to URI via sipXproxy

The way sipX does this right now is REFER is actually processed by UA1.  
Having [FS (bridged-dial-plan)] breaks this.

I have reason to believe that the ultimate answer to my previous 
question would be a no.  Replicating authentication credentials would be 
costly as well as create a security hole since any UA which has a valid 
extension in the from URI can now make calls through the AA without 
being challenged since FS assumes authentication.

I am thinking that we could still make the old behavior a possibility if 
there is a way to intsruct A Leg of the bridge call perform the REFER 
instead of the auto-attendant leg sending it.  Is this possible?

Thanks for you patience.


On Wednesday, 20 October, 2010 11:07 PM, Anthony Minessale wrote:
> I don't quite get what you are saying but..
> Can't you define credentials in FS as noreg gateway and match it up to
> the challenge realm?
> On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 11:06 PM, Joegen E. Baclor
> <joegen at opensipstack.org>  wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Following Anthonys advise to configure a bridged dial plan infront of
>> sipX socket based apps proves to be a reasonable approach to let
>> attended transfer work for our apps.  However, bridged dial plans for
>> the auto-attendant has a side effect.  sipX uses blind transfer to
>> forward a caller to its intended destination.  sipX proxy would then
>> authenticate the user  if it has proper permission to reach the resource
>> as it receives to new INVITE as a result of the blind transfer.  Since
>> the call is bridged, b-leg will consume the REFER and send its own
>> INVITE which doesn't have the notion how to authenticate against sipX.
>> My question is is there a way to propagate the REFER to the caller
>> instead of being consumed by the bridge?
>> Thanks for any advise in advance.
>> Joegen
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