[Freeswitch-dev] Bridge dialplan to sipx IVR services problem

Joegen E. Baclor joegen at opensipstack.org
Tue Oct 19 21:06:41 PDT 2010


Following Anthonys advise to configure a bridged dial plan infront of 
sipX socket based apps proves to be a reasonable approach to let 
attended transfer work for our apps.  However, bridged dial plans for 
the auto-attendant has a side effect.  sipX uses blind transfer to 
forward a caller to its intended destination.  sipX proxy would then 
authenticate the user  if it has proper permission to reach the resource 
as it receives to new INVITE as a result of the blind transfer.  Since 
the call is bridged, b-leg will consume the REFER and send its own 
INVITE which doesn't have the notion how to authenticate against sipX.  
My question is is there a way to propagate the REFER to the caller 
instead of being consumed by the bridge?

Thanks for any advise in advance.


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