[Freeswitch-dev] Conference commands through Java API

Mircea Carasel mirceac at ezuce.com
Tue Nov 9 10:16:10 PST 2010


I am sending some conference commands, like : conference list; conference
<name_conf> lock through java client
I am using inbound socket for this and I am listening to response events.
The client is listening until it founds something like
in the response:
"Conference" "not found\n"

The thing is that when the call is successful, I never get "OK" in the
response, and due to this, the java client gets "hanged"

Here are some successful responses that I get using freeswitch CLI:

freeswitch at internal> conference list
No active conferences.

so there is no "OK" message there

or, when I have one active conference:

conference list
Conference mirceaConf (0 members rate: 8000)

the same, no "OK" message

I don't know if there is a problem in the java client (we should never
assume that we get "OK" in the response) or, maybe there is a problem in

Please advice,

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