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Thirupathi s_thirupathikumar at yahoo.com
Mon May 31 04:24:28 PDT 2010


I am receiving the inbound call and i am bridging that call with some other number. But i need to know whether the bridged call (dial out call) has been ringing or answering. 

I am using the ESL connection method to communicate with the Freeswitch. Here is the snapshot of my code.

Receiving inbound call :
        @sd = s
        @con = ESL::ESLconnection.new(s.to_i)




After that i am playing and receiving input from the caller then i am bridging the call with some other number. 

Bridge Call:
 @con.execute("bridge", "sofia/gateway/junctionnetworks//#{@destination_number}")    

and waiting for the bridge event 

        while @con.connected
            e = 
            next if e == nil
            handleHangup if 
            if e.getHeader("Event-Name") 
e.getHeader("Channel-State") == "CS_EXECUTE" 
answer_state = e.getHeader("Answer-State")
                if answer_state == 
call_answer_time = e.getHeader("answered_time")
end_point_disp = e.getHeader("endpoint_disposition")
var_end_point_disp = e.getHeader("var_endpoint_dispoisition")
return call_answer_time, end_point_disp, var_end_point_disp

In this code the answer_state
 is always returning the answered. Also there is always no value for call_answer_time,
 end_point_disp, var_end_point_disp. Bridging is happening and i have no problem with bridging the call.

Please let me know whether the answer-state is returned in this case is for the inbound call or outbound call. (because i am wondering how it is always answered?). Also please help me to get the bridged call status (whether answered, ringing or others)

Thanks and Regards, 

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