[Freeswitch-dev] Call to registered phone behind NAT

Oleg Khovayko khovayko at gmail.com
Mon May 24 12:20:13 PDT 2010

Hi, Michael

After some personal investigation, I've found param 
aggressive-nat-detection, and uncommented it in the profile internal:

./sip_profiles/internal.xml: <param name="aggressive-nat-detection" 

After this step, I can see fs_path for remote sipdroid phone:

Call-ID:        845794751536 at
User:           1019 at
Contact:        "user" 
<sip:1019 at;transport=udp;fs_nat=yes;fs_path=sip%3A1019%40208.54.45.78%3A16146%3Btransport%3Dudp>
Agent:          Sipdroid/1.4.6 beta/T-Mobile G1
Status:         Registered(UDP-NAT)(unknown) EXP(2010-05-24 17:13:49)
Host:           olegh.ath.cx
Port:           16146
Auth-User:      1019
Auth-Realm:     olegh.ath.cx
MWI-Account:    1019 at

Call goes OK, phone works!
Thank you for help,


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