[Freeswitch-dev] Moving FreeSWITCH forward (release planning)

Andrew Thompson andrewkt at aktzero.com
Sat Mar 27 22:32:41 PDT 2010

Many of you will skim this and think "I want to see what bkw/anthm/etc 
have to say before I act." Don't. The reason 1.0.5 has not been released 
so far is enough people have not stepped up, took the initiative, and 
done something/anything productive. (If you're actively contributing to 
code/wiki/jiras, I'm probably not talking about you.)

I had a brief, possibly anger inducing chat with anthm on IRC just about 
a week ago. I'm not angry, and I hope he's not angry. What I want is to 
help move FreeSWITCH forward. I realize that by pointing out things that 
need to be done, I volunteer myself to do them. I accept that 
responsibility, and we can deputize anyone else with a pulse who wants 
to own a piece of the process.

I think everyone agrees that 1.0.4 is pretty stale, "archaic" I think 
I've heard. We're now 29 weeks since 1.0.4, the longest we've been 
without a new release since 1.0.0 was released.

I've spent the week studying what release process information I could 
find for other open source projects. I've distilled that as best as I 
can into a temporary wiki page. It may be wrong. It may not be 
appropriate for FreeSWITCH.

But, it's there. If it's horribly wrong, it can be fixed. It can be 
expanded. It can be formalized, agreed upon, and adopted. The packagers 
and developers that come along in the future can look at it and say 'OK, 
this is how they do releases.' They can know when to expect new 
releases, and who to contact for distribution specific issues.

I submit for your review:


Andrew Thompson

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