[Freeswitch-dev] fscomm gui migration

Meftah Tayeb tayeb.meftah at gmail.com
Fri Jun 18 06:05:08 PDT 2010

hi all,
i was getting trouble using fscomm with a screen reader "JAWS for windows"
the QT don't have a fully accessible controls
for your informations:
in win32 there is some class name for useers control like "button" for a 
button, "listbox" for a listbox, "sysListView32" for a listview and ...
but in QT  all is named "QWidget"
so screen reader can't recognise it
could someone fork or create a addon to FSComm to use windows native GUI 
or WXWidget, MFC/ATL/WTL or ...?
evean a binary is welcome
thank you

Meftah Tayeb
algérie télécom SPA
phone: +21321761805
phone (INUM): +883510001289101
mobile : +213660347746
mobile (INUM: +883510001289110

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