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Brian West brian at freeswitch.org
Thu Jun 3 13:08:45 PDT 2010

"The Open Source Telephony Advancement Group - is committed to the support of open source telephony projects of all kinds. Voice and data communications are critical for people in all walks of life and in all locations around the world. OSTAG seeks to improve the quality and affordability of communications for persons everywhere. To that end we support the continued work on many open source telecommunications projects that meet the needs of people in both developed and developing locations."

The core FreeSWITCH team (Brian, Mike and Tony) spearheaded the group and the core FreeSWITCH team doesn't sit on the board but Michael Collins and Raymond Chandler along with My Sister Melanie West-Clarke are the board members.  My sister has extensive experience in running an Non-Profit organization and is now a stay at home mom and wanted to have something to do and this was a perfect fit for her skill set.  Michael and Raymond know open source voice really well so they were a great choice to sit on the board to help guide it on the right path. I'm sure the board will tap into the community to accept input on direction and projects to help support.  Its going to run similar to the Apache Foundation.

I'm just a huge cheer leader now.... I can't wait to see what this organization can do for the world.  Can you imagine being able to fund a truly open source PRI and SS7 stacks and how that would level the playing field? 


On Jun 3, 2010, at 2:53 PM, Jan Berger wrote:

> Brian,
> What exactly is the purpose with OSTAG?
> Also – is this a FS activity, or a joint activity supported by Asterisk, Yate etc?
> Jan

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