[Freeswitch-dev] Openzap and CLIP

François Legal devel at thom.fr.eu.org
Wed Jan 27 00:48:16 PST 2010

So I did modify mod_openzap to provide the od trace command to the cli.
I started trying to parse the incoming clip, but I have to do it again as
the incoming signal is saturated so I can't see anything interesting.

I'll post my results whenever I get something. 

Shall I send the
modified mod_openzap.c to the list ? 

About the difference on the
modulation settings for CLIP, could anybody suggest some way to have it
configurable by files ? 



On Wed, 20 Jan 2010 14:01:03
-0500, Moises Silva  wrote:  

Hi again François, 
 Please keep the
conversation in the freeswitch-dev mailing list, unless you want private
paid support ;-) 
 See the answer to your question below ... 
 On Wed, Jan
20, 2010 at 3:57 AM, François Legal  wrote:

Do you know if there is a way
(except using an oscilloscope to sample the line signal) to get a dump of
the data sent to the card by openzap (is it samples or something) and vice

What I would like to do is see what is returned to openzap when a
call arrives on an FXO port (CLIP is working in that direction) and compare
it to what is being sent to the card when sending CLIP to and FXS port.  
Once the call gets into the computer we're talking about digital audio
samples. In a typical configuration a Sangoma board will give you 160
samples of audio each 20ms (most likely encoded in ulaw, that can be
verified in /etc/wanpipe/wanpipex.conf for the FXO/FXS board, look at the
TDMV_LAW parameter).   There is an openzap API command to record the
digital audio read from the board, check ZAP_COMMAND_TRACE_INPUT and
ZAP_COMMAND_TRACE_OUTPUT. What we currently lack is a FreeSWITCH command in
mod_openzap to enable/disable the audio tracing. It should be trivial to
hack mod_openzap.c and add that command, if you need help with that ping me
on IRC (moy).  -- 
Moises Silva
Senior Software Engineer
Technologies Inc. | 50 McIntosh Drive, Suite 120, Markham ON L3R 9T3
t. 1 905 474 1990 x 128 | e. moy at sangoma.com [2]   

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[2] mailto:moy at sangoma.com
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