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First let me congratulate for this great software.


I was trying to diagnose a problem with my analog sangoma card, and FXS port
giving intermitent ringing and not sending CLIP.


I could see the intermitent ringing comes from this line.

zchan->ring_time = zap_current_time_in_ms() + wp_globals.ring_on_ms;


Setting zchan->ring_time could solve my problem, so could anybody indicate
how to configure ring_on_ms (preferably in an XML configuration)



The second point about CLIP is more difficult. First, let me indicate that
I’m residing in France and therefore using carrier and phones complying to
european standard.

About CLIP, I could see the V23 standard modulating frequencies are being
populated (in fsk_modem_definitions in fsk.c). However, in
zap_channel_send_fsk_data in zap_io.c, I could see that the BELL standard is
hardcoded. Replacing the modem type with FSK_V23_FORWARD_MODE2 (which by
what I could read seem to apply to me), I could see no difference.


As I could not find as much relevant information as I would like in V23
(apart from the frequencies for the FSK), I was wondering what were I could
find some information that could help to fix this.


I don’t know exactly what carrier_bits_start, carrier_bits_stop and
chan_sieze_bits refer to, but I could find in that document
(http://www.cs-strumentazione.com/manuali_pdf/clip.pdf) that « The Channel
Seizure is present only in FSK-V23 Protocol. It

consists in a series of 90 to 300 alternate SPACE/MARK bits


Considering this, I guess that I should use the else branch in the test «
zchan->token_count > 1 ». What does this token_count refer to and where
should I set it.


I’m still trying to figure this out (and will of course contribute the
result of all this), so any help appreciated.


I also did a contribution to mod_say_fr (to take into account the specific
french idioms in saying date and time). Could you please tell me how to
contribute this ?


Thanks in advance




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