[Freeswitch-dev] Need some explainations about method switch_core_session_run(switch_core_session_t *session) in switch_core_state_machine.c

Alex To tonhudung at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 07:20:16 PST 2010



First of all, pardon my English. English isn’t my native language J.


I am reading the method switch_core_session_run(switch_core_session_t
*session) and I would be really appreciated if someone could shed some light
on how the method works. Below is the logic according to my understanding:


1.       LINE 303:              while ((state =
switch_channel_get_state(session->channel)) != CS_DESTROY) 

ð  if state is CS_DESTROY return and do nothing ?


2.       Inside if (state !=
switch_channel_get_running_state(session->channel) || state >= CS_HANGUP) 




a.       LINE 308:              state !=
switch_channel_get_running_state(session->channel) || state >= CS_HANGUP

ð  to check if channel->state and channel->running_state not equal. This is
to avoid running the STATE_MACRO multiple times. However I don’t understand
why do we need (state >= CS_HANGUP) ?.

b.      Inside STATE_MACRO code block

                                                               i.      LINE
229:              midstate = state

ð   to save the current state.

                                                             ii.      LINE
231:              if (!driver_state_handler->on_##__STATE ||
(driver_state_handler->on_##__STATE(session) == SWITCH_STATUS_SUCCESS)

ð  to check either endpoint_interface->state_handler is NULL or return
SWITCH_STATUS_SUCCESS so it will continue to execute handlers in
session->channel, runtime.state_handlers and core standard state handlers.
It means if the condition is not true, channel->state_handlers,
runtime.state_handlers and core standard state handlers will NOT be executed
at all ?

                                                            iii.      LINE
246:              if (!proceed) global_proceed = 0;

ð  If something wrong in the previous while loop, do not run core standard
state handlers ?

                                                           iv.      LINE
247:              proceed = 1;

LINE 248:              while (do_extra_handlers && proceed &&
(application_state_handler = switch_core_get_state_handler(index++)) != 0) {


ð  Since we set proceed = 1, do we still need (&& proceed) inside the
condition in while loop ?

                                                             v.      LINE
260:              if (!proceed || midstate !=
switch_channel_get_state(session->channel)) global_proceed = 0;

ð  If not proceed or the channel state has changed by some of the state
handlers executed earlier, do not execute core standard state handler ?

                                                           vi.      LINE
266:              while (silly)

ð  silly is never changed, does it mean we could go into an endless while
loop ?


Sorry for the long email and some questions are probably dumb but I am
trying to understand about FreeSwitch, especially the core and the core
state machine. If it is documented somewhere about the workflow happening
inside FreeSwitch, please enlighten me as what I am doing now is to read the
code line by line and figure out which may not be the most efficient .


Thank you for reading this




Alex To



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