[Freeswitch-dev] Issues building freeswitch (git-co) on Nexenta CP3

Anthony Minessale anthony.minessale at gmail.com
Tue Aug 31 09:04:30 PDT 2010

Asterisk is not a dirty word here.  Many people use it still.  Not my
favorite VoIP app but definitely a pioneer in the industry.

On Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 4:44 AM, Thomas Haggett <lists at haggett.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> Having run away from OpenSolaris (but not too far) I've recently migrated to
> Nexenta and had a go at building / running FreeSWITCH. I run a few
> low-throughput SIP-based projects and have thus far been running Asterisk
> (is that a dirty word in these parts?) on a Debian VM which horribly
> exploded when I tried to build on nexenta. Not being much of a fan of
> Asterisk, I decided to give FS a go.
> For reference, my git repo HEAD is
> at 6cdd3e2a2e4677b061b9fbb9ee516fae9601cd16.
> It wasn't a clean build, per se, but I managed it with a couple of compile
> non-default switches and a slight hack that I figured I'd offer back for
> comment / improvement;
> * configure guessed my platform as "i386-pc-solaris2.11" which caused a
> multitude of issues, principally bad linker behaviour meaning the libtool
> libraries failed with gcc complaining about bad file format (or something
> along those lines) for the generated .lo files half way through the build,
> as well as some atomic lock symbols missing from the c-library which I
> believe are emulated in libraries for i386 processors, but present on the
> amd64 host. (not an expert on these things).
> These were fixed (after a while picking through non-obvious errors) by
> simply adding the configure arg --build=amd64-pc-solaris5.11
> Apologies if this is obvious to some, but it wasn't to me and took a while
> to figure out.
> * a couple of modules wouldn't build cleanly but because I didn't require
> them I just commented them out from modules.conf. Trying to be useful I
> tried to build as many as I could and ended up with these modules removed:
> #applications/mod_osp
> #applications/mod_hash
> #applications/mod_spandsp
> #applications/mod_memcache
> #codecs/mod_sangoma_codec
> #codecs/mod_dahdi_codec
> ##directories/mod_ldap
> #endpoints/mod_dingaling
> ##endpoints/mod_portaudio
> #endpoints/mod_loopback
> ##endpoints/mod_alsa
> ##endpoints/mod_opal
> ##endpoints/mod_skinny
> ##endpoints/mod_skypopen
> #endpoints/mod_h323
> ##../../libs/openzap/mod_openzap
> ##../../libs/freetdm/mod_freetdm
> #asr_tts/mod_unimrcp
> #asr_tts/mod_flite
> #asr_tts/mod_pocketsphinx
> #asr_tts/mod_cepstral
> ##asr_tts/mod_tts_commandline
> #event_handlers/mod_erlang_event
> #formats/mod_portaudio_stream
> #languages/mod_python
> #languages/mod_spidermonkey
> #languages/mod_perl
> #languages/mod_java
> #languages/mod_managed
> #xml_int/mod_xml_ldap
> I believe a lot of these were simply missing 3rd party libraries but, since
> I didn't need them, I didn't spend much time working it out. I can do this
> if anyone is particularly interested.
> * I had a couple of missing symbols (herror was one) which was simply
> resolved by adding LDFLAGS='-lresolv' to the configure command
> * I had some issue with compiler warnings complaining about C-standards
> (don't have the error to hand), but I sorted this by simply adding
> CFLAGS='-fgnu89-inline', again to the configure.
> * The only other fix was a missing definition for strcasecmp, which I
> struggled to sort the problem as <strings.h> was included in the appropriate
> files. I'm a little ashamed to say that I sorted this out by simply adding
> these library prototypes (lifted from strings.h) to
> libs/esl/src/include/esl.h:
> extern int ffs(int);
> extern int strcasecmp(const char *, const char *);
> extern int strncasecmp(const char *, const char *, size_t);
> After this the build proceeded (after quite some time) without issue and
> installed (and ran) fine. If anyone wants the specific errors in each case,
> I'll run through a build and try to reproduce and also file a bug if this is
> appropriate.
> Now to figure out the Freeswitch configuration :)
> Thomas.
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