[Freeswitch-dev] Using system libraries

Daniel Dickinson cshore at csolve.net
Wed Apr 14 10:23:40 PDT 2010


I'm working on an embedded OpenWRT system, and am now the package
maintainer for FreeSWITCH on OpenWRT.  I have FS successfully building
and packaged (and installing and working) on brcm63xx, and building on
the other OpenWRT architectures as well.  With 1.0.6 the build doesn't
require any patches, although it does require some finagling (as is to
be expected)

However, during the process of getting this to work for 1.0.6 I noticed
that FS doesn't use system libraries, but instead uses it's own copies
of packages it downloads, configures, and compiles and statically
links.  For OpenWRT this is problematic on two fronts.  The first is
that some packages require special build options to cross-compile
properly, and the second is on embedded systems have statically copies
of packages that are also on the system, uses up valuable storage and

Would it be possible for the build system to support the *option* of
using system versions of the packages instead of static-linked versions?



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