[Freeswitch-dev] Using a modem to connect ordinary phones

Alex To tonhudung at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 22:05:19 PDT 2009



I found the same topic created 2 years back in Oct 2007 but it doesn't seem
to have the answer yet.


 I am quite new to FS and having a hard time reading the documentation.
Someone could tell me: how would I use a modem and develop an Endpoint in FS
that I could bridge the call from VoIP to PSTN. I am a hardware engineer, I
am developing this modem and would want to use it with FS. I know that I
could simply buy a VoIP Gateway or a zaptel compatible card and use OpenZap.


Could someone point me out the direction for the following matters:


1.       I feel that I need to develop an Endpoint module, like mod_sofia,
mod_iax... that controls my modem so I could bridge the call from VoIP to
PSTN ? If that is correct, could someone point me the documentation to start
reading about Endpoint interface .?

2.       Is there any similar module developed before about controlling a
modem using AT Command 


Pardon my bad English, I don't come from an English speaking country. Btw,
this is the first time I participate in a mailing list so I still have no
idea how to create a thread or reply to a posting like I normally do in


Thanks very much and any helps are highly appreciated.




Alex To

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