[Freeswitch-dev] load mod_sofia giving an error

Chris Burns chris at cloudtel.com
Mon Oct 19 11:25:35 PDT 2009

You must have a problem with your config or a problem binding. In your log you 
have something like:
2009-10-19 11:20:47.573839 [CRIT] switch_loadable_module.c:871 Error Loading 
module /usr/local/freeswitch/mod/mod_sofia.so
**Module load routine returned an error**

There should be an ERR level message above that with the actual problem (ie. 
Couldn't bind! / Open of sofia.conf failed)

On October 19, 2009 12:13:27 pm Mark Sobkow wrote:
> Mark Sobkow wrote:
> > It turns out that our problems with loading mod_sofia using Erlang
> > configurations has uncovered a deeper problem.  This morning I copied
> > over the default/sample configs from the Freeswitch build to replace our
> > sip_profiles directory, but lo and behold I get the following error
> > message from Freeswitch when I try to load mod_sofia:
> >
> >
> > freeswitch at testsrv> load mod_sofia
> > API CALL [load(mod_sofia)] output:
> > -ERR [module load file routine returned an error]
> >
> >
> > Unfortunately that's a rather useless and unhelpful error message.  The
> > one thing I do know now is that it's not being caused by a bad
> > configuration.
> >
> > We're running an Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) 32-bit build of
> > freeswitch-1.0.4+repack8 downloaded from launchpad.net.
> I've been trying to debug the issue.  Modified mod_sofia.c to add an
> extra error report for the one line that was returning an error code
> without logging a message.  Enabled the debug flags:
> However, I'm still not getting anything _useful_ for error messaging.  I
> have however got a number of modules getting loaded during Freeswitch
> startup and shutdown getting reported with the DEBUG options, so it
> doesn't look like this is a generic problem with loading modules on
> Ubuntu 8.04/Hardy.

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