[Freeswitch-dev] Loading mod_sofia from Erlang -- good news and bad news

Andrew Thompson andrew at hijacked.us
Thu Oct 8 16:54:23 PDT 2009

On Thu, Oct 08, 2009 at 03:17:05PM -0600, Mark Sobkow wrote:
> The good news is I was able to download the ppa-source from 
> launchpad.net and do a local source build of the packages.  I was then 
> able to get a running install via:
> dpkg -i freeswitch_1.0.4*.deb freeswitch-asr*.deb freeswitch-codec-*.deb 
> freeswitch-lang-en*.deb freeswitch-lua*.deb freeswitch-perl*.deb 
> freeswitch-python*.deb freeswitch-sky*.deb freeswitch-spider*.deb
> (Installing all the .debs breaks the install as the Russian sound files 
> aren't available, and there seems to be an issue with the .deb properly 
> _blocking_ the install until those dependencies are resolved.)
> However, I'm still having the same problem where fs_cli locks up after 
> trying to do a "load mod_sofia".  Our Erlang logs show that it's been 
> sent back in response to the query from FS, but FS freezes or does not 
> get the file contents.
> Is there some sort of debug option I can set in fs_cli to see exactly 
> what's happening?  I'd like to confirm that it's _receiving_ the XML 
> back from Erlang, especially as attempts by Andrew to use our Erlang 
> source were successful on his installation.  Clearly there is still some 
> difference between our boxen.
> BTW, we're running Erlang ERTS 5.5.5.

I'd suggest adding

#define EI_DEBUG

to your mod_erlang_event.h header and recompiling that module. Then
you'll get ridiculously verbose output from the erlang module but you'll
see ALL messages back and forth.

The other thing to check is that sofia can load the config file you're
serving it from disk, not from erlang.


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