[Freeswitch-dev] execute script before hangup

Trixter aka Bret McDanel trixter at 0xdecafbad.com
Mon Nov 16 11:59:15 PST 2009

On Mon, 2009-11-16 at 12:08 -0500, vip killa wrote:
> well, the actual time does not matter, i just need the command to
> execute before the user hangs up. what im trying to do is maintain a
> conference (i don't want it to end unless i choose to end it) but once
> the last person leaves the conference, it automatically ends. so i
> figure if i can do a pa call to the conference before that last user
> hangs up, then the conference will continue. 

well there are a couple ways to attack this, and none have anything to
do with the user "hanging up".  If I put my phone on hook you cant stop
that, you cant prevent it, you cant delay it, my phone is on hook - only
then is a signal sent to FS to tell it that my phone is on hook, or
"hung up".

What you are saying is that you want the conference to run after the
last person has left it (which could be for reasons other than hanging
up).  The conference is an application and has little to do with the
channel state.  

The instant way would be to have the conference do an outcall to some
application that just holds the conference open.  Then your api hangup
hook call could check to see if the conference only has that user in it
and if so do whatever you wanted it to do.  This would require 0
modification to any code in FS, but would allow you to achieve the task
you have indicated.

The other way would be to have a modification to the conference that
would keep it running, this would not be as trivial as it might sound
given which thread the conference runs in and all that.  
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