[Freeswitch-dev] FS Multi outbound

Леша... qulix at mail.ru
Wed Mar 25 22:24:25 PDT 2009

Michael, Im noobie)
Sorry, a saw this in wiki, but didn't note that it could work!)

Next stage is how to make different timeouts for each call? Is it possible with dialplan? 
I still think that I should script this all in Lua)

Michael Taylor пишет:
> The Wiki states:
>   If you have a problem with one of the destinations causing the others to stop ringing, insert this into the bridge application: {ignore_early_media=true} like so:
> i.e.
>   <action application="bridge" data="{ignore_early_media=true}sofia/gateway/Cisco/***#1**********|sofia/gateway/Cisco/***#2**********"/>
> Michael.

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