[Freeswitch-dev] Set variable/identifier for channel

Szymon Olko solko at gcdf.pl
Mon Mar 23 01:51:04 PDT 2009

Brian West pisze:
> On Mar 20, 2009, at 9:06 AM, Szymon Olko wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm using conference module for agent/queues system. My system is  
>> build based on event_socket.
>> To originate call I use commands like this.
>> 'bgapi conference test dial sofia/internal/1001% 123  
>> test'
>> Then I await for CHANNEL_CREATED and CHANNEL_OUTGOING events. I use  
>> those fields from event
>> "Caller-Caller-ID-Name=test
>> Caller-Caller-ID-Number=123"
> Are you using the latest SVN trunk?  Also the first call into the  
> conference can be done via "originate".
>> to connect my command with channel creation. Temporally I use  
>> asterisk as a pass-through pbx, it changes caller id to what it
>> should be, I don't want to set it to the one above.
>> Is it possible to add to conference dial command one extra parameter  
>> which will be set in channel and visible in all events. I
>> searched for it but could not find something like that.
I found solution for this looking into sources of mod_conference and switch_ivr_originate.
Channel variables can be set in originate and dial commands, Following syntax must can be used:

'bgapi conference test dial {variable_name=value}sofia/internal/1001% 123 test'


'bgapi originate {variable_name=value}sofia/internal/1000% &conference(test#1) XML default test 123'

Multiple variables can be set, every variable must be put in it's own curly brackets.
Do anybody knows is there are problems with some special characters in variable value??

This feature works now because there is no checking of 'bridgeto' values in code. Is this good way to use it, or should I make a
patch for mod_conference and add another argument to 'conference dial' command?

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