[Freeswitch-dev] Good Time!

Леша... qulix at mail.ru
Wed Mar 18 14:14:37 PDT 2009

Hello everybody!

I need your help with scripting! 

Problem is: 
I've got an office with (example) 5 sip soft phones (users)
And one_other_user outside this office, in another group.
What I need is to make the special extension, which will do next:
When one_other_user dial this extension - he automaticaly linking with first available user from office.

Technicaly, I see it working this way:
Application puts one_other_user in a hold and starts dialing first user. 
If during 10 seconds he gets up the phone - application links them.
If not - application dialing second user.
If second user is busy - dialing third user. Next actions - the same to previous.

If last user not OK - hang up.

Is it possible to create such a script? Using Lua? 

Sorry if I do something wrong here. =\

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