[Freeswitch-dev] modifying oz to support hairpin calls / bypass_media_after_bridge

John Wehle john at feith.com
Fri Jul 17 16:29:14 PDT 2009

> if it's even possible you would have to build that functionality from
> ozmod_zt all the way through the openzap core and up into mod_openzap

That doesn't bother me (i.e. seems straight forward enough).

> There would need to be lots of error checking along the way (has to be like
> channel types etc)

Naturally. :-)

> up in mod_openzap it would have to check for the MEDIA on and off

This is where I'm fuzzy.

Looking through the code it appears that ozmod_outgoing_channel is
called to create the second leg of a call.

The theory I'm developing is:

  Modify ozmod_outgoing_channel to use switch_session_compare to
  see if both sessions are openzap ... if so use the openzap core
  to cross connect the channels if bypass_media is set.

though I'm sure there's more to it.  Any and all guidance regarding
what MEDIA events to look for and how to react is appreciated.  I'm
happy to code this ... I just want to try and implement it in the right

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