[Freeswitch-dev] very early prototype of SLA/BLA

Matthew Kaufman matthew at matthew.at
Mon Jan 26 21:31:24 PST 2009

See http://jira.freeswitch.org/browse/MODENDP-179 for how far I've 
gotten on doing SLA/BLA in the draft-anil-sipping-bla-02/03 style. If 
the patch is applied and the feature enabled and Polycom phones in use 
and the phones configured for type="shared" and thirdPartyName="<some 
extension>", the lights really work. And with a patch Anthony provided 
to me today to add support for INVITE w/REPLACES, you can even put a 
call on hold at one phone, go to another phone with a blinking light for 
that line, and pick it up. (But you can't pick up a second phone with 
the first still on the call and have them both join the call at the same 
time via an auto-created conference... yet)

Amazing how much work it takes to emulate an old key system.

Again, this is a total rough-draft hack of a prototype, just enough to 
get the lights working, and with at least one major memory leak and/or 
nua handle leak(s) that cause bad things to happen, so isn't for 
production at all yet. I will be continuing to work on it myself, but I 
know this is something that gets requests so I wanted to get the fact 
that I'm working on it out in the open ASAP.

Matthew Kaufman

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