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mauro at nohad.com.br mauro at nohad.com.br
Mon Aug 31 08:49:51 PDT 2009

Hi there
Interesting point. We have licenses for 723 and 729 for asterisk, and we
also need to use asterisk distribution to talk with our voice card for PSTN.
We don’t have the drives for this card developed for freeswitch “yet”.
So, for us the freeswitch is a great solution, and we’re beginning to use
it, but “for now” we also must use asterisk “for some things” that: or we
don’t know how to do yet, or we feel more “comfortable” with, or we “have
to”. I think that this is a conservative and secure approach for us, since
we just beginning “to scratch’ freeswitch.
We tried to do exactly what is described in the message (bottom) but we have
no success. Like I said we “use and must to use” asterisk for now, and we
already have the 729 and 723 licenses. I know that 729 (and 723?) license
like asterisk is on the way, and also know that there is at least one vendor
for 729 for freeswitch, but it will be great if someone could give us the
direction to make a extension registered in freeswitch to talk with another
thought asterisk to make the codec “trans-coding” in asterisk.
I also support the idea to solve things like this in the freeswitch project
(we’re not talking here about asterisk) but “for now” (for us) to make a
good use of the 923459283752938 good things in freeswitch we must to use it
together with asterisk.
Any idea to this direction (transcoding thought asterisk) would be great
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On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 3:20 PM, Andre Mendes . <
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I want to use G729 like Asterisk G729 in Freeswitch, any source to make this
codec work with FS?

I make a install asterisk with G729, but I have a problem:

FS - end point 1000 - G711 make a call to end point 1001 - G729 use a
asterisk trunk to make a transcoding codec. Not work yet. Please help to
make this only in FS or using a Asterisk to make a transcoding.

André Mendes

FreeSWITCH can do G729 is "passthrough" or proxy mode as well as bypass
media mode. However, no transcoding yet. It's in the works.

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