[Freeswitch-dev] Scalabilty of Freeswitch

Michael Jerris mike at jerris.com
Thu Aug 27 07:44:20 PDT 2009

if you have the time and ability to create such a multi-dementional  
array of tjat data in some usable form that would be fine, it is a  
wiki after all.  I however tend to think that there are too many  
variables to reliably provide any sort of real data and that the time  
required to do so would be quite a lot.


On Aug 27, 2009, at 1:37 AM, Mindaugas Kezys wrote:

> Maybe it would be a good idea to create wiki page just to put such  
> kind of information in a table:
> Computer specs | Other comments | Codecs used | With/Without Media |  
> Max sim. calls reached | etc
> That way interested persons could get a grasp what is really all  
> about.
> This is very common question based on which many people measure  
> switch capabilities, so in my opinion should be treated with that in  
> mind (as marketing oportunity)
> Regards,
> Mindaugas Kezys
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> This question sounds eerily familiar...
> On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 1:15 PM, Jerry Richards <jerry.richards at teotech.com 
> > wrote:
> Hello All,
> Does anyone know what the capacity of a stand-alone Freeswitch  
> (assuming a
> top-of-the-line server), in terms of how many users?
> You can have many hundreds of users, but there are a lot of factors:  
> network infrastructure, call volume, etc.
> Also, when that number is exceeded, how can Freeswitch server be  
> distributed
> to accommodate a larger installation?
> Yes there are strategies. You definitely want a professional to  
> assist if this is a serious production environment. There are  
> members of the FS community who do this sort of thing, or you could  
> email consulting at freeswitch.org to get assistance from the core FS  
> developers.
> -MC
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