[Freeswitch-dev] New member

Raimund Sacherer rs at runsolutions.com
Fri Aug 21 04:27:10 PDT 2009

Hello Freeswitch Developers,

I work for an linux solution provider in spain and have lot's of  
experience in developing for opensource software (freeradius) and  
adminstration. We have quite a few clients with asterisk solutions and  
some pretty cool projects in our queue but we have expierenced a lot  
of problems with asterisk.

After reading the freeswitch introduction from Anthony Minessale i at  
once felt at home with freeswitch as the project seems to be what I  
wanted from asterisk.

As i am a very deep debian enthusiast I want to bring the debian  
package into debian itself, which means bringing it policy compliant.  
Which as one of the more problematic moves means:

changing all directorys to be debian compliant.

i really would love to do this officially as the debian maintainer for  
the freeswitch project, i already sent the current packet builder an  
email but I did not receive an answer until know.

I hope we can work together and that i will be accepted into this  
project which has in my oppinion a very bright future in the telecomm  

all the best,

Raimund Sacherer
     Open Source It Consulting

Parc Bit - Centro Empresarial Son Espanyol
Edificio Estel - Local 3D
07121 -  Palma de Mallorca

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