[Freeswitch-dev] Dialplan Defaults

Michael Jerris mike at jerris.com
Thu Sep 18 17:46:24 EDT 2008

On Sep 18, 2008, at 4:13 PM, Brian West wrote:

> Not sure exactly what you're getting at on bullet point #3... I think
> at this stage you are better off going on IRC where you can get a
> realtime response...
> #freeswitch @ irc.freenode.net
> /b
> On Sep 18, 2008, at 2:56 PM, Christian Jensen wrote:
>> So, is it fair then to make the definition that the default context
>> is best for calls that are considered outbound and that public is
>> best for inbound?
>> If that is the case, then can I lobby to have the public.xml also
>> include a line maybe like:
>> <X-PRE-PROCESS cmd="include" data="public/*.xml"/>
>> and then I would drop in my provider DID stuff in there?
>> Secondly, can I get the additional logging element (bullet point #3)?
>> Lastly, regarding the windows build, is that a known issue or should
>> I hunt it down?
>> Thanks!
>> Christian

In regards to the windows issue, can you explain a bit more the  
problem you are having.  There should be no real behavior differences  
in the windows build, with the exception of some slightly different  
behavior to address file path and dso loading differences on the  
platform, and there are still a few modules that have not been added  
to the windows build system.


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